Latest Ring Picks

Rustic Diamond Engagement Rings-Picks of the Week

Not everyone wants perfection. For those prefer a more earthy style, there are many jewelry designers now featuring rough, raw, and rustic diamonds in their designs. Below I’ve picked out some of favorite rustic diamond engagement rings in a range of prices.

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Latest Gemstone Picks

Fancy Colored Yellow Diamonds

A hand-picked selection of the best loose yellow diamonds currently for sale online in the 1 carat size range–in a range of prices for every budget.

Round Brilliant Diamonds-Picks of the Week

Below are my picks this week for the best round brilliant diamonds in terms of both quality and value. I’ve chosen diamond near the 0.50 carat or 1.00 carat sizes because these tend to be the most popular. If you are looking for a different size or shape, get in touch.

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